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Certificate Equivalency

Electronic Applications for Academic Qualifications Equivalency


For equalizing any academic qualification issued by a higher education institution from countries other than UAE, please provide the Department with the correct documents and information required as is illustrated in the online-application.

The Ministry has the right to reject an application in the absence of any required document or information.


The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces launching delivery service in cooperation with Empost beginning from February 2011 where applications concerning the equivalence of documents issued abroad will be delivered through the offices of Empost throughout the country. As for receiving the finalized applications, they will be received through Customer Service Center at the Ministry.


Instructions and Requirements           

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 1. The application must be only submitted by the certificate holder who assumes sole responsibility for the information contained in the application. Please be sure to read the instructions properly before submitting the application. For more information, please call 02-6428000.
2. In case an applicant fails to attach the required documents or complete the requested information, the Ministry reserves the right to reject the application.
3. It's not allowed to submit an application for a qualification that had been previously submitted for equivalency, and the relevant applicant can submit an application for Reconsideration of the Certificate Equivalency Committee's Decision within six months from the date of notification if the applicant has new information that has not been reported before to the CEC. Then, the CEC decision will be irrevocable.
4. The Ministry apologizes for not receiving the following qualifications as they are beyond the mandate of the Certificate Equivalency Committee in the Ministry:
a. Professional certificates that are given without study or after attending training courses.
b. Educational documents and records if they were a part of study to acquire an academic degree.
c. Cases that are found to have a clear violation of internationally accepted academic regulations.
d. Programs that are restricted to specific categories of students such as those designed for foreign students.
e. Any other cases to which the criteria and conditions governing the work of this CEC are not applicable.
5. In order to give equivalency to a degree, all qualifications preceding that degree have to be verified to affirm their accuracy, accreditation and their academic levels. If you were granted a scholarship to study for a previous degree, please provide a letter confirming that. In case an applicant pursued studies at his/her own expense, a letter affirming the accuracy of the certificate along with all correspondence sent to and received from the concerned authorities in the country of study are to be submitted.
6. Unless the need should dictate otherwise, holders of academic qualifications issued 20 years on completion of the secondary school certificate or its equivalence shall be excluded from applying for certificate Equivalence.
7. You can submit a request for equivalency from Sunday to Thursday from 7.30 a.m. till 2:30 p.m. Please stick to the indicated dates and timings; otherwise, we reserve the right not to accept the application.
8. Completed transactions shall be delivered through delivery service (Empost), except if the applicant requests to receive the transaction personally at the Ministry headquarters in the official working days (Sunday-Thursday) from 07:30 a.m. to 02:30 p.m.
9. The fees shall be paid in e- cards (Visa- MasterCard) or e-dirham – Second Generation.
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