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NumberUniversity NameWeb AddressCategory
1Harvard University 
2University of California Berkeley 
3Cornell University 
4University of Minnesota 
5Universiy of Pennsylvania 
6University of Wisconsin Madison 
7University of illinois Urbana Champaign 
8Michigan State University 
9Columbia University New York 
10University of Texas Austin 
11Yale University 
12Pennsylvania State University 
13Carnegie Mellon University 
14University of Florida 
15New York University 
16University of Washington 
17University of Pittsburgh 
18University of Southern California 
19University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 
20North Carolina State University 
21Texas A&M University 
22University of California San Diego 
23Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 
24University of Georgia 
25Indiana University 
26Rutgers University 
27University of Colorado Boulder 
28Johns Hopkins University 
29University of Maryland 
30Northwestern University 
32University of Utah 
33Washington University Saint louis 
34University of California Irvine

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